Why Freeze Dry?

Why Freeze Dry?

We get so many queries from customers about freeze dried food, with many of them comparing freeze dried food to super noodles or supermarket baked beans - we must cut to the chase here, they are worlds apart! 

 Pros Cons
Easy Storage Higher Price Than Heat Treated Food
No Refrigeration Required Limited Stockists
97% of Taste Preserved
97% of Texture Preserved 
97% of Nutrition Preserved
Full Recipe Tins Available
Ingredient Tins Available
No Chemicals
25+ Year Shelf Life

So what is freeze dried food? 
Freeze dried food is either full recipe meals (such as Macaroni Cheese) or ingredient foods (Such as cooked chicken) which have been dehydrated through the method of vacuum freeze drying. This process removes 97% of moisture from the food, making it not only ultra dry and long life, but ultra light too. The magic with freeze dry is that the process preserves 97% of the taste, texture and nutritional value of the food processed compared to heat treated processed food like heat dehydrated or canned food, where a larger portion of the taste, texture and nutritional value is lost and the length of preservation is reduced. Trusted by astronauts and explorers of many years, freeze dried food is a premium food product. 

Easy Storage
Freeze dried food is very easy to store. Keep it in a cool dry place in your home, workplace or warehouse and it will last for 25 years minimum without an issue. Beyond 25 years, so long as the tin is undamaged and sealed, the food is safe to eat many years past expiry, though it is not guaranteed to have retained 97% of the taste, texture and nutritional value. 

No Refrigeration Required
Freezing food is a great cost effective way to keep stock of foods you may need in the future without it spoiling, but that comes with several downfalls. Food degrades in the freezer so to maintain its best it should be stored for no more than 6 months. Freezers obviously require power which comes at a cost and the risk of power outages meaning spoilage of freezer contents. Freeze dried food does not require refrigeration and it's freeze dry processing makes it dried and once packaged is safe to be stored at room temperature for 25+ years!

Freeze dried foods have 97% of the moisture removed, making the food very lightweight, which is why our tins are deceivingly lightweight. The tins are packages with their dehydrated weight, however when rehydrated the true food content is revealed. For example, 1 tin of our freeze dried cooked chicken = 1.9kg of cooked chicken breast when rehydrated! Freeze dried food is therefor much cheaper to ship, easier to move if required and doesn't require heavy duty shelves to store. 

97% of Taste, Texture & Nutrition Preserved
Any of you who have consumed canned foods will understand the taste and texture downfalls of heat treated food, but may not quite know that the nutritional deficit is quite significant. Freeze dried food preserves 97% of the taste, texture and nutritional value of the food for 25 years compared to canned food where there is an immediate loss of nutritional value and an ongoing reduction in effectiveness of sensitive vitamins (ranging from 5-20% per year). Canned foods are a great low cost preparedness item, but freeze dried food does have more shelf longevity plus superior nutritional, taste & texture benefits.

Full Recipe Tins
Each catering size recipe tin contains between 6-10 meals which can be rehydrated to feed 6-10 people or portioned out for meals over multiple days. The meals are nutritionally complete, with no need to add anything. Recipes include Macaroni Cheese, Beef and Potato Stew and Vegetable Tikka with rice to provide a tasty, homely meal when you need it most, making surviving on emergency meals possible for longer, especially with young children who can be particularly fussy with their food and may not fully understand the emergency situation you are in. 

Ingredient Tins
These tins are perfect for making meals with fresh or tinned produce you have and are especially popular with homesteaders and small-holding owners as meat is the produce most effected by heat treating and better enjoyed when freeze dried. Ingredients such as cooked chicken, cooked mince, green beans or sweetcorn are available. 

No Chemicals
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of freeze dried food is the way it is processed means no chemicals are required for preserving. The freeze dried food we stocks contains no nasty chemicals, keeping your family safe and eating well, no matter what emergency arises. 

25+ Shelf Life
Unlike canned food which degrades within 2 weeks of processing, freeze dried food is effectively frozen in time for 25 years. The food is safe for consumption beyond this date providing the packaging is sound, however the taste, texture and nutritional value after this point may degrade. 

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