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H-Mini Countertop Indoor Garden

H-Mini Countertop Indoor Garden

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Grow herbs, flowers, microgreens, salad and veg on your kitchen counter all year round – it doesn’t get fresher! Comes fully assembled so you can get straight to growing.

A sustainably-built indoor gardening solution.​

The Harvst H-Mini is a neat, productive counter-top grow system, perfect for producing herbs, microgreens and salad leaves right where you need them in the kitchen. We’ve come up with an innovative solution that optimally utilises production materials, while providing an excellent miniature kitchen garden.

The H-Mini offers exceptional versatility and user-friendliness.  What sets it apart is its extendibility – simply elevate the frame and introduce an additional growing tier, effectively doubling your capacity within the same compact footprint. Now, that’s what we call smart! (Please note that the additional tier is an optional extra.)

What's in the box?

  • Sturdy, height-adjustable frame. Unlike most other counter top grow systems and grow lights, the H-mini is strong enough to put things on top of, so you don’t waste any countertop space.

  • Powerful yet dimmable LED grow lights. Strong 24W light gives your plants excellent growth, yet dimmable for when you’ve got the house lights down low.

  • Power supply. For UK mains outlets.

  • Watering tray.



42 x 28cm footprint | Height ranges from 24cm to 44cm | Arrives assembled | 240V power supply with UK plug | 24W full spectrum LED grow light | Light “turn on” time control from 1am to 11pm | Light on period control from 0 to 24 hours | Dimmable

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