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Powertraveller Merlin 15 Power Pack

Powertraveller Merlin 15 Power Pack

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The Merlin 15 is an ultra-lightweight, rugged 3350mAh power pack for charging smartphones, action cameras, SAT phones, and other 5V devices. The smart charging technology detects when devices are connected, disconnected, or fully charged. Featuring an integrated 100 Lumens torch with SOS settings, the Merlin 15 is waterproof & dustproof to IP65 Rating.

Featuring smart charging technology which detects when devices are connected, disconnected or fully charged, the Merlin 15 is capable of charging a plethora of 5V devices including smartphones, GPS, action cameras & more, whilst the integrated 100 Lumen torch also has an SOS setting – perfect for emergencies.

The Merlin 15 is a tough power pack made from rugged materials. It is dustproof and waterproof to IP65 rating which means it offers full protection against dust and other particles tested against a continuous airflow and can withstand low-pressure water jets directed from any angle.



• Power pack with 3350mAh/12.06Wh
• 1x USB-C input/output: 5V/1.5A Max
• 1x USB output: 5V/1.5A
• Integrated 100 Lumens torch with SOS settings
• 4 LED battery charge indicator
• Waterproof and dustproof to IP65 rating
• Rugged design
• Weight: 100g
• Size: 107mm x 28mm x 38mm

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