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2-Bay Heated Propagator

2-Bay Heated Propagator

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A smaller version of the (3 Bay Window Sill Propagator) this is a compact and a great way to start plants off in a small space and where power consumption is a factor! Each bay will easily store 100 seeds each allow you to grow over 200 seedlings (combined) simply pinch out and transplant once the seedlings are ready to be potted on.

Adjustable Ventilation to control air flow and humidity

9 watt heater raises the temperature to approximately 16-21°C

Available with a UK Type G 3 Pin Plug

Dimensions: 38 x 24 x 15cm

Made in the UK

Power usage 9 Watts

UK Energy Price (October 2022)

24hr run time 7.34 pence (£0.0734)

1hr run time 0.31 pence (£0.0031)

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