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Porridge with Strawberries - Box of 6 x 1000g Tins - 96 Servings

Porridge with Strawberries - Box of 6 x 1000g Tins - 96 Servings

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Oats which were introduced to Scotland in about 600 AD, is a porridge commonly eaten for breakfast around the world. Our Porridge with Strawberries has been cooked with oats, whole milk, cream and strawberries with some added sugar to make for the perfect breakfast. One of the most popular Expedition Foods meals, you'll be hard pressed to find a better porridge.

Porridge with Strawberries (Survivor Foods Range), 16 Servings

Each tin is perfect for ensuring you survive and thrive in any emergency by having a steady supply of wholesome, nutritious food stored and available. Whether it's a freak storm or natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, tsunami), a power cut or lost at sea, have peace of mind knowing you are prepared for anything.

Survivor Foods tins are designed to be light-weight and easy to store, with a 25-year shelf life. As freeze-dried meals, the preparation is simple: either portion out or use the whole tin. Add water and wait for the ingredients to rehydrate, giving you a delicious, nutritious meal for up to 16 people in just a few minutes.

INGREDIENTS: Milk, Single Cream (Milk), Oats (14.5%), Sugar, Strawberries (2.1%).


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