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Cloche Curves

Cloche Curves

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Metal Cloche Curves

1m high by approx 40cm wide at base.

Cloche curves refer to the curved, semi-circular or arched shape of cloches, which are used with protective covers in gardening.

These covers are typically garden fleece, bird netting, insect netting or plastic.

The curved shape of the cloche helps create a small, enclosed microclimate around the plants, offering several benefits:

Temperature Regulation:

Plastic wraps help trap heat from the sun, creating a warmer environment for the plants inside. This is especially useful during colder seasons or in regions with unpredictable weather.

Frost Protection:

Fleece can be placed over plants to protect them from frost and cold temperatures. The curved shape minimizes heat loss and provides insulation, reducing the risk of frost damage to delicate crops.

Pest and Pest Control:

Insect netting can act as a barrier against pests like insects, birds, and small animals. The curved design allows for better ventilation while keeping unwanted visitors at bay.

Season Extension:

Cloches can be used to extend the growing season by creating a controlled environment for plants, allowing them to thrive even when the weather outside is less than ideal.

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