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Compact Root Trainer Set

Compact Root Trainer Set

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Compact Root Trainer

Compact root trainers are great for gardener's with limited space or if you prefer to sow a smaller amount of seed.

The unique open book system allowing the root trainer to be unfolded allows easy removal of plants without damaging the root system and helps avoid transplant shock.

This system encourages a strong and healthy root system without the risk of root ball or pot pound plants. Simply use a dibber to create a hole in the ground, open the plant cell and transplant directly to the ground. 


Perfect For Smaller Greenhouses

The unique design of the compact root trainer provides all the benefits of the standard size trainers but with half the storage space. So if you prefer to grow small number of crops you can keep crops to individual trays rather than mixing and matching the book sets!

With 20 cells per set you can still grow a great range of sunflowers, beans, sweet peas and more!

Each set consists of 5 x 4 rootrainers (20 cell total) trays and holding rack.

The complete set measures:

Cell depth 8cm (3")
Tray Size Length 24cm (9.4")
Width 22cm (9")
Depth 9cm (3.5").

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