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Composting Sacks x 3

Composting Sacks x 3

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Composting Sacks For Leaf Mould

Ideal for crafting your compost or mulch, these Jute composting sacks provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic composting bins, and they bring an aesthetically pleasing touch to your gardening endeavors.

As leaves decompose within these sacks, they transform into valuable leaf mould, a natural soil enhancer and mulch. Throughout the winter, these fully loaded composting sacks attract earthworms, fostering their nutrient-rich castings to enhance the compost.

Leaf mould is a dark, crumbly, and humus-rich material that results from the decomposition of fallen leaves. It is a valuable, organic soil conditioner and mulch that is highly beneficial for gardening and horticulture

When positioned in flower beds or vegetable gardens during the winter months, these composting sacks enrich the soil and serve as a natural weed suppressant, enhancing your garden's health and appearance.

Each package contains three sacks, and rest assured, these Composting Sacks are entirely biodegradable.

Here's a helpful tip: You can position two brimming sacks on either side of the base of a young tree to naturally inhibit weed growth and nourish the growing tree.

Product dimensions: Width: 40cm, Height: 70cm.

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