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Deep Root Trainer Sets

Deep Root Trainer Sets

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Deep Rootrainers

The unique open book system allowing the root trainer to be unfolded allows easy removal of plants without damaging the root system and helps avoid transplant shock.

This system encourages a strong and healthy root system without the risk of root ball or pot-bound plants. Simply use a dibber to create a hole in the ground, open the plant cell and transplant it directly to the ground. 

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Perfect For Plugs & Cuttings

Although any fruit, vegetable or flower seed can be grown in the root trainer it's best suited for fast-growing long-rooted crops and plants such as.

Broad Beans, French Beans, Runner Beans, Sweetcorn, Sunflowers, and Sweet Peas to name just a few!

The main plant root grows directly to the base of the root trainer where the large drainage hole is located, the root tip makes contact with air and then dies this unique function of the root trainer cells allows the plant to focus growth on a new root system that creates no root balls.


Specifications and contents:

Each set consists of 8 x 4 rootrainers (32 cell total) trays and a holding rack.

The complete set measures 36cm x 21cm and 12cm deep.

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