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EcoFlow Power Hub

EcoFlow Power Hub

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The heart of your Power Kit At the center of your system, Power Hub takes care of all your input and output power. With a 3600W AC output, Power Hub allows you to run all your appliances, from your fridge to air conditioner.

5 components in 1 unit We’ve packed in all the components you need to power your off-grid home or van in a compact, space-saving Hub.

Plug & play With a rolled-back simplistic design, we’ve done most of the hard work for you. Simply plug in your specially designated cables to effortlessly connect each power source and battery.

Auto-AC outlet There’s no need to wire your mains, simply plug in your appliances directly to the 2400W AC outlet.



• The heart of Power Kits with a 3600W AC Output
• 5 components in 1, with 2 MPPT solar chargers, 1
• DC-DC battery charger with MPPT, 1 Inverter-charger, and 1 DC-DC converter
• Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Direct 2400W AC outlet
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