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Formulex Nutrient Solution

Formulex Nutrient Solution

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We’ve found that even with ‘cut and come again’ crops, each time they ‘come again’, they do so less abundantly due the diminishing nutrients in the soil or compost. A measure of this Formulex in your water tank as per the instructions, makes a noticeable difference and is a great way to recharge your tired soil or compost.

Formulex has become an industry standard and is valued for its utility and ease of use. It is a single solution with an amazing capacity for stable pH through its ground-breaking inbuilt buffering capacity. Formulex can be used for almost every fertilising requirement and is an amazingly useful bottle to have around. Many people recommend it for seedlings and young plants generally, but it can be used at all stages of growth and for many different crops. This is a 300ml bottle.

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