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Full Size Seed Tray x 5

Full Size Seed Tray x 5

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5 x Light Weight Full Trays

Our full-size seed trays are ideal for cultivating a wide variety of crops and starting seedlings. Their ample size makes them perfect for growing baby leaf, microgreen products, or even salads on a windowsill during the winter. At Growseed, we utilize these full trays for germinating all our leeks and onions. Since these crops produce a single leaf initially, we can efficiently sow between 600 and 1200 seeds in a single full tray. When the time is right, we easily transplant them into larger growing containers.

Constructed from durable 0.54mm plastic, these full-size seed trays can withstand several growing seasons with proper care. They conveniently nest within one another for efficient storage. Due to their larger dimensions, you can cultivate or germinate twice as many crops in a compact space compared to traditional seed trays.

Each full seed tray allows you to grow up to four varieties of crops in rows, providing ample space to kickstart most gardeners' growing seasons.

Measurements: 24.5cm x 37.5cm and 5.5cm deep (Internal: 15.4cm x 20.5cm x 5.2cm deep). Each tray can hold approximately 1.4 liters of fine compost.

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