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Full Tray Propagator x 5

Full Tray Propagator x 5

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5 x Full Tray Propagator

Introducing our standard-size propagator, expertly designed to create an environment that traps moisture and preserves warmth, ensuring optimal seed germination and a strong start to your growing season. Propagators are particularly effective for nurturing greenhouse crops like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, and chili peppers, although they can also accommodate a wide range of vegetable and flower seeds.

Each propagator kit includes a base tray with four drainage holes and a transparent lid, both crafted from lightweight, durable plastic. When well-maintained, this propagator will serve you through numerous growing seasons.

The base is constructed from sturdy 0.54mm thick plastic and measures 24.5m x 37.5cm x 5.5cm in depth, while the lid is made of clear plastic.

It's the ideal solution for nurturing your seeds and ensuring a successful start to your gardening journey.

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