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Ground Pegs - Pack of 20

Ground Pegs - Pack of 20

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Ground pegs are indispensable tools for ensuring a secure and stable installation of fleece and weed membranes at the allotment or in the garden.

These small but mighty accessories play a crucial role in anchoring the protective layers to the ground, preventing them from shifting or lifting due to wind or wind-driven rain.

Firmly securing fleece with ground pegs, you create a snug, insulating layer that effectively shields plants from frost and extreme temperatures. Similarly, using ground pegs to secure weed membrane keeps it in place, blocking sunlight and inhibiting weed growth effectively.

This ensures seamless and long-lasting protection for your plants, allowing them to flourish without the interference of weeds and adverse weather conditions. Invest in ground pegs to fortify your gardening defenses and promote a thriving, well-maintained garden.

U shape pegs can be hammered into heavy soil (we recommend using a nylon or rubber mallet)

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