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H-Series Indoor Garden

H-Series Indoor Garden

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Turn food miles into metres and get the freshest ingredients possible.

Embarking on your gardening journey has never been easier. We have drawn upon our expertise in automated gardening solutions to allow you to seamlessly integrate fresh produce cultivation into your busy lifestyle, year-round, with minimal effort on your part. The H-Series does everything for you, apart from sowing the seeds!

The Harvst H-Series of grow systems combines a smart nursery for effective germination and versatile levels with automatic watering and grow lights to nurture a wide range of crops, from crisp salads and lush leafy greens to delicate microgreens and beyond.

As you get more experienced, or fancy trying something different, you can expand your system to include other growing methods such as full seed trays, pots or microgreen mats. How you grow is up to you (but we’re also here to guide you along the way!). Our specially-designed trays accommodate a huge range of growing methods easily, fitting standard sized pots and garden trays for maximum versatility.

This easy to use and fully automated growing system includes up to three stackable growing modules fitted with a hydroponic watering system and LED grow lights. Elevate your homegrown produce to new heights with the Harvst H-Series – where innovation meets nature.



The versatility of our indoor garden system is unrivalled. The modular system means what whether you choose 1, 2, or 3 grow levels to start, you can always expand your system with our extension modules.

Our shelving system epitomises flexibility, featuring double and half-density options that effortlessly accommodate your preferred crops. Want to grow a tall pepper plant? Just remove the middle shelf. Keen on microgreens? Add an additional shelf and light kit to double your production!


Elevate your homegrown produce to new heights with the Harvst H-Series – where innovation meets nature.

  • Automatic hydroponic watering, heating & lighting
  • Integrated smart nursery for propagation
  • Monitoring through a web-app
  • Strong wooden frame with option for protective windows
  • Adjustable shelves for half- and double-density growing
  • Made in Britain



GROW LIGHTS - Automated Waterproof LEDs

SELF-WATERING - Automated Hydroponics

CLIMATE CONTROL - Automated Heating

APP-CONTROLLED - Manage & Monitor Sensors

VERTICAL GARDEN -  Modular | Versatile

NUTRIENT CYCLE - Precise Nutrient Delivery

NON-PROPRIETARY - Grow with Seeds

BUILT-IN NURSERY - Efficient Propagation



Measures 82 cm (W) x 48cm (D) • Height Measures H1: 76 cm, H2: 117 cm, H3: 158 cm • Full Spectrum 10W LEDs • 12V/200W Mains Power Supply • 12V Water Pump • Laminate Plywood  Level with Adjustable Feet

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