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Half Size Seed Tray x 5

Half Size Seed Tray x 5

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5 x Light Weight Half Trays

Our half size seed trays are perfect for growing a wide range of crops or for starting seedlings. The shallow trays make them perfect for growing baby leaf or microgreen products or even salads on the window cill over winter. Here at Growseed, we use our half trays to germinate all of our leeks and onions, because these crops grow a single leaf this means we can broadcast sow 600-1200 seeds per small half tray!! Once the time is ready we simply pick them out and transplant to larger growing containers.

These half size seed trays are made from 0.54mm plastic and will last a few growing seasons with care, they stack inside each other to make storage very easy, and because of the size you can grow or germinate twice as many crops in a smaller space compared to a traditional seed tray. 

Each seed tray will allow you to grow up to 4 varieties of crops in rows which is plenty of room to get most gardener's underway for the growing season.

Measurements 17.2cm x 22.5cm and 5.5cm deep (Internal 15.4cm x 20.5cm x 5.2cm deep) each tray will hold around 1.4ltr of fine compost.

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