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Insect Netting

Insect Netting

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2m x 10m fine woven insect netting

Lightweight, fine-mesh material designed to protect plants and crops from insect pests while allowing air, sunlight, and moisture to pass through. Perfect pest management for gardeners, vegetable growers, and allotment holders.

Crafted from finely woven polyethylene mesh, this netting is an ideal safeguard for your flower beds, fruit trees, and vegetable plots, shielding them from butterflies, flies, beetles, bugs, and spiders. With dimensions of 2 meters by 10 meters, this generously sized net is simple to install and guarantees the protection of your plants against detrimental pests.

This net is lightweight and manageable, boasting a mere 65 GSM (Grams per Square Meter), rendering it superbly suited for garden applications.

Our Anti-Insect Nets are robust and resistant to tearing, further benefiting from UV stabilization, and ensuring their longevity across many growing seasons.

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