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Large Microgreen Kit

Large Microgreen Kit

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Our large microgreen seed kit has been a long time in the making. Each kit is supplied with 3 coir growing mats, 9 packets of seeds and a bio-degrable seed tray that can be composted after 5 years of regular use.

This kit has enough to supply fresh micro greens for 3 consecutive months. Simply sow 3 packets of seeds per mat and harvest in around 28 days. Once done add the coir matting to the compost pile or to the kitchen food waste caddy and it can be recycled.

Quality Microgreens

Grow And Harvest In Under 30 Days

Our microgreen kit comes with a neat selection of microgreens that will complement meat, fish, lettuce or make a tasty snack on it's own. Simply add the seeds to the matting, keep moist (do not top water - we recommend the use of a spray gun) once the seedlings have reached above tray height lift the mat and harvest with a sharp knife 2mm above the matting.

Each kit is supplied with 9 packets of micro greens these consist of:

3 x Broccoli or Carrot

3 x Chinnese Cabbage or Red Cabbage

3 x Beetroot or Onion

We do adjust the pack contents based on availability and stock at that time to ensure the seeds provided are as fresh as possible and ready to use today or in 12 months time!

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