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Pulse Oximeter, Heart Rate & Perfusion Monitor

Pulse Oximeter, Heart Rate & Perfusion Monitor

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Fingertip Oxygen SpO2 Blood Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate & Perfusion Monitor.

An important part of any first aid kit, this monitor is a quick and efficient tool for checking the vital signs of your family, friends or customers. Useful for monitoring and improving general health or assessing vital signs in an emergency. Excellent for providing an initial insight into health at home, especially when contacting medical professionals remotely during this pandemic.

Suitable for adults and children over 5 years of age – please be aware that alarms are set for adult readings, please adjust appropriately for children.


-OLED display: 
Dual Color OLED display.
-Multi-direction display: Rotatable multidirectional display. 4 directions, 6 modes, allowing you to view your results in any direction.
-Measures Oxygen Saturation & Perfusion: 
-Alarm function: Set the alarm according to medical need, warning alarm will sound once the measured values go beyond the setting.
-Low-power consumption: up to 30 hours battery life on 2x AAA!


Measures pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation levels and perfusion index
Accuracy: For SpO2(70%-99%)+-2%, Pulse rate: accurate to +-1 BPM
Suitable for home, office, nursing home, hospital
FDA-approved, CE-marked, and conforms with ISO 13485 (medical devices)
Material: Plastic with soft rubber lining.
Colour: Black
Power: Requires 2pcs* AAA (not included, sorry (shipping restrictions)
Size: 6.5 x 3 x 3cm/ 2.55 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
Net weight: 60g/ 2.12oz
Package includes: Lanyard, Instruction Manual.


Please note: Nail Varnish and Long Nails may have to be removed to get a stable reading. This machine is not for young children under 5, simply down to the smaller size of their fingers.

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