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S16 Smart Mini Greenhouse

S16 Smart Mini Greenhouse

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The ultimate growing machine, taking up no more space than a bench. The S16 gives you the potential to propagate and grow all year round with its climate control features.

  • Automatic watering, heating & lighting
  • Forced ventilation via fan system
  • Automated controls through a web app
  • Effective as a propagator
  • Takes 16-20 standard sized seed trays
  • Strong frame with protective panels
  • Adjustable shelves giving up to 1.3m of growing height
  • Made in Britain


A strong, compact mini greenhouse for any space.

Have you ever wanted to Spring to hurry up and arrive so you can get on with growing your own?

Introducing the game changing climate controlled S-Series – the future of sustainable and intelligent gardening. This groundbreaking automated greenhouse is designed to empower both novice and expert gardeners alike with a wealth of features that foster optimal plant growth throughout the year.

With the ability to control your growing environment you get to create the season! So you can propagate any time of year by simulating Spring with temperature control, or lengthen the ‘daylight’ hours to replicate summer in order to trigger flowering / fruiting. Our heated cold frame will keep your plant’s soil warm and foster growth even when the weather outside is a bit chilly!

Automated irrigation provides specific and regular amounts of water, which has been proven to boost plant health, prevent disease, improve root development and ultimately lead to better yields and growth.

With the S-Series smart outdoor lean-to greenhouse, you’re investing in more than just a structure. You’re investing in the latest gardening tech and a transformative gardening experience. Unleash the potential of your plants with the perfect balance of nature and technology, all in one remarkable package. Start your journey towards an abundant, year-round harvest today.


Measures 150x125x50cm • Full Spectrum 10W LEDs • 12V/200W Mains Power Supply • Electronics IP67 Rated • 12V Water Pump • 6063 T6 Alloy Frame • Polyester Powder Coat Resistant to 149 °C • 304 Stainless Steel Fixings • Heating Rated Down to 10 °C  Lid Storm Lock  Door Catch


What's in the box?

Construction & Automation

A strong, aluminium framed mini greenhouse with 100% recycled clear acrylic panels and three adjustable powder coated, heavy-duty shelves.

Smart control system for automation and monitoring with WiFi connectivity.

Lighting & Climate

– Twelve full spectrum LED grow lights

– Heating system

– Forced ventilation fan system


– Irrigation kit with pump

– Drippers


– UK 3 pin mains power supply

– Greenhouse securing wall brackets

– Lid props

– Complete set up guide

– Secure locking mechanisms

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