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TentBox Classic 2.0

TentBox Classic 2.0

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The new and improved Classic 2.0 is more like a bedroom than a tent, due to its boxy shape. The gas struts mean opening and closing takes just 60-seconds and there is loads of internal space to carry gear, bedding and pillows when closed. The materials have had a serious upgrade and there are tonnes of new features, such as a comfier mattress, an integrated LED light and a new matte black shell, with an angular design. 



60-second set up

The Classic 2.0 has gas struts, for easy opening. The ladder lives inside, and the porch poles are stored in a zip bag under the mattress.

Space to carry gear

Due to the shape of the shell, there is plenty of space to store gear, bedding, pillows and the ladder when you're driving. As soon as you pop it open, your bed can be laid out ready.

Plenty of pockets

The large roof net on top is perfect for jackets, an the 4 hanging storage pockets are great for other gear. The storage pockets have sleeves to hold the LED light bar.

It's like a bedroom

The boxy shape and straight side walls means that it feels more like a bedroom than a tent. It's extremely spacious, with large windows for elevated views and the roof lining adds a feeling of luxury.

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