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THYME - Thymus Vulgaris - 25 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

THYME - Thymus Vulgaris - 25 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

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THYME - Thymus Vulgaris - 25 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Thyme Herb: A classic fragrant herb that belongs in every chef's kitchen. A great addition to liven up roast potatoes, sauteed carrots or a favourite pasta dish. Thyme is known for its antibacterial properties and a reputation for its medicinal properties. Packed with vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A, Thyme can boost your immune system and promote overall wellness.


Sow & Grow: Sow thinly 0.5cm deep in small pots of compost on the windowsill. Ideal temperature 15-20°C. Water well and keep moist. Seedlings appear 14-28 days. Pick fresh leaves as required.

Sow/Plant Outside: February - May;

Flowers/Harvest: March to November



  • Pick fresh leaves as required, a few from each plant so they regrow quickly
  • Cut off any flowering shoots for best flavour
  • Thyme can also be dried and stores well
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