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Weed Membrane

Weed Membrane

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The ultimate solution for a pristine, weed-free garden with our weed membrane.

Our durable and efficient weed barrier fabric inhibits unwanted weed growth, saving you time and effort. Create a beautiful landscape that stays immaculate and low-maintenance.

Strong, woven membrane for use as weed control, aggregate separator, and ground stabilizer.

UV stabilized and 25-year guaranteed life when covered.

Invest ONCE (unlike thinner products on the market) in our high-quality weed membrane now for a garden transformation you'll love.

Available in:

1 meter rolls

1m x 15m

1m x 50m

1m x 100m

2m meter rolls (folded to 1m for ease of shipping actual width once unfolded is 2m!)

2m x 10m

2m x 50m

2m x 100m

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